Better Globe Vacancies Ambassadors

Doing Good and Making Money!

Would you like to get involved in something as important to fight poverty in Africa and make money simultaneously?

Our products are unique, and everyone who buys or sells products helps an important cause while gaining immediate business income five times a month from sales of our products.

You can help:

  1. preventing the dryness of soil and desertification risks »
  2. supporting farmers in Africa to become independent and earn a living»
  3. building schools and providing education to poor children in Africa »
  4. reducing the global threat of climate change to help the absorption of carbon»
  5. giving the poor access to drinking water »

As an ambassador to help Better Globe to sell gift packages and trees to your customers.
Your customers receive the profits from their trees and you get commission from the purchases of the trees.

Your salary is based on one thing only - the number of trees or gift packages purchased by your customers.
The process is easy to understand, easy to explain and easy to spread.

When six of your customers buy gift packages each month
you will receive each month a free gift package worth 53 euros.

The ambassadors of Better Globe working as independent retailers and can immediately begin to create their own organizations with sales to customers from around the world. The Better Globe has customers in all parts of the world, and what they offer is simply the opportunity to buy trees and make donations or they can become ambassadors for themselves a really good cause.

The partnership with Better Globe

To become an Ambassador and to recommend the Better Globe, you must first become a customer and you buy a tree or gift package.
With the purchase automatically open an account in Better Globe and just sign on to your customer number and password you have the option to upgrade your account to Ambassador clicking Be Ambassador.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form, email or telephone.

You can view and download the terms and conditions governing the Ambassadors to
click here

Start an account with Better Globe. Buy trees or donation packages click here

Ambassador stories

Michalis Kanlis AID15105

It was in December 2010 that I first saw the idea of ​​Better Globe and it seemed incredible to be true. Today and every day I am on the integrity that I meet along the way, success and prosperity of both mine and my friends doing good to the needy and the planet we live ......

Einar STeinhaug AID00639

I heard about Better Globe in 2006 and began working for few hours a day. Since 2008, became for me the main job and my passion for Better Globe every day is becoming bigger.You can also make good and earn money. Helping to eradicate poverty and contribute effectively to climate change.

Periklis Didaskalou AID15085

When I first heard about the Better Globe's my first comment was that it sounds too good to be true. Since then every day that passes until today I am pleased to see that every day is absolutely true and I am pleased to be this way I help many people in need and contribute to a better planet ...