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[Ambassador Faq's]

What is the guarantee that the company will not close?

The key factors should not close a company is a good financial situation and the experienced and responsible administration. The company is debt free, driven by its own funds, has recently purchased an area of ​​600km2, roughly as the area of Corfu, with contract 99+99 years, with a capacity of 2,500,000 trees, and in a recent review (13/10/2009) by well-known rating agency Experian have very high credit rating. Administratively, the company has very experienced management team headed by Mr. Rino Solberg, who in his career was a consultant in over 150 companies in Norway, Uganda and Kenya.

Is it possible to deliberately bankrupt?

Studying a company's vision and the biography of its founder, is unlikely to go bust deliberately. Apart from this, if we consider the obligations of Better Globe for the owners of the trees, and compare them with the profit from the acacia and the profit from the timber, then it seems clear that the company would have much more to lose by deliberate bankruptcy rather than if they continue to operate your trees.

Despite the above, if the company closes what happens?

For all the reasons stated above, it is almost impossible to happen, however, if, hypothetically speaking, the company closed, then we should find a new manager of your property, as the trees planted and growing by Better Globe are yours and the land which is planted already purchased.

Is my purchase and my profit guaranteed?

Yes. For all transactions issued a written and legal invoice and a contract by the company Better Globe, which is headquartered in Norway and meets all legal requirements of the Norwegian and European law. The company also annually publishes the certificate of ownership of the annual purchase of your trees, on which are listed, including the exact location planted and the minimum guaranteed your earnings. Indeed, to minimize risk, the company states that it will examine the overall performance throughout the year and will pay you even if your trees have been destroyed!

What guarantees do I have? What is my guarantee?

Securing is double! In case of destruction of your trees, you have a contract with a minimum guaranteed earnings, and in the most unlikely event of bankruptcy of the company, you have a certificate of ownership which requires anyone who wishes to take advantage or your trees or the land on which are planted to first come to a financial arrangement with you!

What if all the trees destroyed completely?!

Better Globe Forestry Ltd has 4 fully controlled plantations. All farms have 24-hour control, fencing, provision for fire lanes adjacent to water sources and meet all the safety requirements of a modern tree plantation. More importantly, however, a measure of protection taken by the Better Globe, is the reserve trees. Although the average losses from fires, diseases, natural disasters, etc., in controlled plantations in Africa is only 1%, the Better Globe for each purchased tree plants and a backup tree in one of the other 3 farms available in remote areas! This essentially ELIMINATES the risk of total destruction!

Is there any new laws .............. to prevent the cutting of the trees?

Is there any new laws or various environmental organizations or activists to prevent the cutting of my trees?

No, because the company chose trees with a short lifespan. They are cutted when starting their decline in order to plant new trees instead, which recycle much more CO2.

Can I sell my trees before the contract expires?

Of course! In fact if you look at the structure of payments from the trees you will find that as time passes the more expensive you can sell!

Can I take the fruit and timber of my trees?

Of course! The trees belong to you and you can do whatever you want!

Is there a chance one day .................. and lose all our property?

Is there a chance one day for the government to come and say that the plantations are now owned by them, and lose all our property?

No, no such case. Kenya gained its independence from England on December 12, 1963, the day which was launched in the first constitution. Since then there have been many improvements in the democratic constitution, culminating in the referendum of August 4, 2010 when the people voted overwhelmingly to repeal the position of Prime Minister to reduce the powers of the President, to increase the powers of local authorities and validating a package rights to protect citizens from potential abuses of the state towards them. With this development, no government can no longer be operated arbitrarily and uncontrollable.

What happens in case of war?

The possibility of war in this region (Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia) is extremely unlikely since for decades Kenya has good relations with neighboring countries. However, even if there was war, this war would end sometime, and when a war ends and reverts back to normality, all property and foreign investments in the country re-identified so as not to get this country into conflict with governments countries of foreign citizens who have property there.